2015 Chinese Lunar New Year (19 Feb 2015)

Hei Beloved Customers!

Thank you for the continuous support! We are getting ahead of ourselves to plan for the CNY order. Many customers were disappointed when we couldn’t take in more order during the CNY period.

We have decided to take in online order starting 29th September 2014 till 1st January 2015. You can call us to place an order too.

All our products are handmade, we needed to work out enough manpower to make sure we could deliver our order on time. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Meanwhile do check out our Xmas gift packages and our Xmas Brownie promotion package.

Chinese Lunar New Year Goodies

Hei Baby! Best three selling products

Pineapple Tarts


This little golden ball has a crumbly texture with soft chewy pineapple filling. It simply will melt in your mouth. This is a must have during CNY for many people, it means bring good luck (Ong Lai).

One of Hei Baby! best selling products. We used only the finest ingredients, making the pineapple filling using our own receipe.

End result? You simply can’t stop eating!

Price: $18.80 per container

Almond Cookies


Butter cookies with ground almond.

Simple yet irresistible. It melts in the mouth follows by that crunchy bits of almond hidden in. Baked with no artificial flavours or preservatives.

This is another of Hei Baby! star product.

Price: $14.80 per container

Peanut Cookies


For an irresistible, melt in the mouth treats, our peanut cookies will do just that!

This little treat is absolutely out of the world! It is extremely soft and crumbly that melt into a smooth peanut paste.

It is like eating a spoonful of peanut butter! Highly addictive!

Price $14.80 per container

Set of three golden treasures, Almond, Peanut Cookies and Pineapple tarts at $45.00

Subjected to stock availability