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Durian Cake

A soft light sponge cake covered inside out with generous filling of D-24 and Mao San Wang durians pulp. Our durian cake is creamy and you will be flooded by the aroma even before tasting it. A must try for durian lovers. Seasonal item though.

15cm $90 (5-8 people)
20cm $120 (10-15 people)

Durian Puffs

The tender texture with subtly crisp exterior choux pastry shells, combined with D24 and Mao San Wang durians pulp, oozes out with every bite. You can expect a generous portion of durian pulp filling in every puffs.

Price: 12pcs $10

Strawberry Shortcake

Using fresh strawberries, and our own recipe. The result of a strawberry cake that has the perfect amount of sweetness. Creamy, smooth and cake just moist enough to absorb the strawberry flavour.

8 inch $30.00
10 inch $45.00

Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake

Unbaked cheesecake (cold) with digestive biscuit base, add on jelly topping. This cake is best serve cold over a cup of tea! Perfect for a tea party.

6pcs $4.00
12pcs $7.00
8 inch $28.00
10 inch $38.00



Thick, fudgy, chewy brownies made completely from scratch.
8″x8″ $24.00

Price: 10 pcs $18.80

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